Most useful JavaScript validation libraries

It doesn’t matter if you are a front-end developer or back-end developer before storing or passing data you need to validate it. The data validation process can be complex or may be tricky sometimes.

Validation is required because we face different types of users some of them know about the values that they enter and some don’t.

Here, we have created a list of the most useful javascript libraries for validation based on performance, easiness of use, validation type, and much more.

Jquery validation

JQuery validation makes client-side validation easy. It’s on top because it provides all types of data validation and customization. JQuery validation has useful validation methods and it supports all types of data validation including email validation and URL validation. In addition, it’s easy to use even for a beginner who doesn’t have any idea about javascript.

JQuery validation is preloaded with default error messages and provides functionality to customize them If you want to change the error message for a required field you can easily apply it.

To use this plugin just add the CDN of the library and add the validate method to the form.

jQuery validation is on top because of many reasons like great documentation, community support, wide user base, standard rules of validation, and customization.


Validate.js library is a string validators and sanitizers library that provides a declarative way of validating javascript objects. In addition, it’s open source, completely tested, and ready to use in production.

The main goal of validate.js is to provide a cross-framework and cross-language way of data validation. With help of validate.js rules can be declared and shared in JSON. So we can configure it dynamically.


Parsley.js is the simple form validator javascript library. In Parslet you don’t have to write JavaScript Code. You can pass instructions into HTML tags in English. it automatically detects your form’s modifications and adapts its validation accordingly

The main benefit of Parsley is that it ships with more than a dozen useful validators, and it’s free and UX-focused.


Vuelidate is not like another library, it’s a Vue Js-based library means it only works with Vue. vuelidate comes with a set of built-in validators that you can just require and use, but it doesn’t end there it supports collection validation, nested models validation, and custom validation is a main part of it. While using this library you just have to define validation rules.

Just Validate

Just Validate is a simple, lightweight form validation library written in Typescript, with no dependencies. Support a wide range of pre-defined rules and also support custom validation, async validation, custom error messages, and styles, localization.

Just Validation comes into the limelight whenever you are creating a site without any heavy JavaScript Libraries like jQuery, React, or Vue, you want fast and simple but powerful solutions for validation.

The main advantage of using Just Validate is it has a wide range of validation rules plus you can create custom rules. It has built-in functionality to display validation errors as tooltips.